The Emmet-Chalmers Fire Protection District is a volunteer fire department with 18 firefighters and 5 trucks in MABAS division 55.

From the station on West Adams Road the department covers an area west of the city of Macomb, Illinois, home of Western Illinois University.  Our district is mostly rural but does include homes and subdivisions as well as businesses along US Highway 136 and 67.  Upon completion of the 336 bypass currently under construction in the district we will cover portions of three busy highways and a railway.  The department responds to fire calls, carbon monoxide alarms, and traffic accidents as well as all other emergency calls.  We also assist McDonough District Hospital paramedics on medical calls and provide mutual aid and auto-aid to other area fire departments.

The firefighters meet at several times each month. Check out our calendar for the latest updates on our schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please contact us.


  • Emmet – Chalmers Firefighters mourn the loss of Macomb Fire Chief Andy Taylor.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Chief Taylor’s family and our brothers at the Macomb Fire Department....

  • MACOMB, IL  —  Emmet – Chalmers Firefighters led the Children’s Parade through the Meadowbrook subdivision on Sunday, September 25.  Children of all ages rode bikes, scooters, wagons and strollers fol...

  • MACOMB, IL  —  Emmet – Chalmers Firefighters will be hosting Technical Rescue Awareness Training for area firefighters on Saturday, September 24.  The class will be held at the Emmet ̵...


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We are actively recruiting for new local volunteers and we need your help.


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We area a volunteer organization. Our fighters give their time to keep you safe and they greatly appreciate all the support you give them!


 We pride ourselves on making our department better but could always use some help! Every donation goes directly toward the firefighters and the equipment needed to keep them safe and to help keep the public safe in return.


Emmet Chalmers Fire Protect District - Volunteer fire department in Macomb Illinois