Is your house marked so emergency responders can find it

911 address sign

Is your house marked so emergency responders can find it

MACOMB, IL  –  There have been a couple of new stories recently about poorly marked addresses in McDonough County.  On September 5, 2014, both the McDonough Voice and WGEM News reported on an announcement at a recent county board committee meeting.  The announcement stated a county ordinance, adopted in 1992, requires every residence in the county to display a house number.


Check out the news stories here:
McDonough Voice – Rural homeowners warned of fines
WGEM News – Poorly marked home addresses cause issues for first responders


Emmet – Chalmers Firefighters don’t enforce county ordinances, but we feel this is an important issue.  We frequently respond to emergencies and sometimes have a hard time finding the right address.  Every second counts during an emergency.  Valuable time can be lost if your house number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can see it.  Firefighters, EMS responders, and police officers cannot provide emergency services to you or your family if we cannot find your house.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can your house be found easily by passing cars?
  • Is your house number easily found from the street?
  • Can it be found quickly in an emergency?
  • Can it be found at night?
  • From a distance?
  • When seconds count?


If the answer is NO, please consider putting up a new address sign with your house number.


Here are some recommendations:

  • Post your address clearly and prominently at the end of your driveway and on your home
  • Posting your 9-1-1 address at the driveway entrance and on your home will alleviate any confusion as to whether emergency responders have the correct location.
  • Try using something reflective or illuminated so that it can be seen in the evening as well as during the day.
  • Use large numbers and make sure it can be seen from all directions.
  • Do not assume since your mailbox is marked, you have posted your address – mailboxes are not always at the entrance of a driveway and usually are not marked clearly on both sides.


We have some of the best equipment when responding to an emergency, but we need your help.  Please help us locate emergencies by having your address marked where we can easily find it.