Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks Safety Tips

MACOMB, IL  —  Fireworks are a Chinese tradition that can entertain people for hours on end. However, they must only be used by adults only in a careful and safe manner. To ensure the safety of the people lighting fireworks and the audience watching the fireworks display as well, read the following safety tips on how to use fireworks.  FIREWORKS ARE DANGEROUS!

1. Never leave children with the task of handling fireworks.
Children should not be permitted to carry, light, or play with fireworks. Let the adults do the job.

2. Launch in a clear area.
Light fireworks in an open space that is free from any obstructions and make sure that the audience is at a safe distance from the launching area. Also get rid of any flammable items that may be in the way.

3. Use a hard surface when lighting fireworks.
The surface should be hard, and level due to the stability needed to handle the force of the fireworks. If you are using gravel or grass as your surface, place a piece of wood to act as your launching surface.

4. Handle fireworks in a sober state.
Do not drink alcohol when lighting fireworks. Alcohol could impair your actions and cause you harm.

5. Don’t use matches or cigarette lighters.
Light the fireworks using the long butane lighting tools or a flare. When doing so, make sure to light the fuse at the tip only. If it is dark, equip yourself with a flash light so that you may see the fuse clearly.

6. Obey the Law.
Do not violate the laws governing the ownership and utilization of fireworks. Don’t play around with illegal explosives, or adjust the technicalities of the fireworks you have.

7. Light one firework at a time.
Light the fireworks product and get away quickly.

8. Avoid faulty devices.
Do not make an effort to adjust or fix fireworks that are not functioning.

9. Have a water supply nearby.
Keep a bucket of water, hose pipe or fire extinguisher close at hand as you light the fireworks. Assign someone to be on the alert in case a fire breaks out.

10. Stay away from the fireworks.
Don’t place any part of your body on top or next to the fireworks at whatever time. Once you light the fireworks get away from them immediately. Never hold a lighted firework in your hand. Leave that stunt for cartoons.

11. Examine the windy situations.
Be careful when lighting fireworks in windy conditions. Position yourself with the wind blowing away from the audience.

12. Be cautious when handling the fireworks.
Be careful when carrying or storing fireworks and avoid dropping them. Do not transport them in your pockets and do not smoke and handle fireworks at the same time.

13. Fireworks should not be used as weapons.
These are very dangerous devices that should not be aimed or thrown at people or property.

14. Never use the fireworks in the house; only outdoors.
Use fireworks outdoors. Never use fireworks indoors.

15. Load them carefully.
Don’t use a wet or faulty launch tube or shell. Don’t force a shell into a tube; if it doesn’t fit, let it be. Place the shell with the flat end facing down until it reaches the bottom of the tube. Maintain a 30 seconds gap between the loadings of each shell. Don’t light a shell that is not inside the launch tube and never demolish a shell. After lighting the fuse move about 20 feet away from the launch tube. Don’t try to relight a malfunctioned fuse.

16. Buy the fireworks from credible dealers.
They have to be licensed and trustworthy as well. Don’t try to make your own fireworks. If you cannot afford them at the moment, just be patient and save up.

17. Always wear safety glasses.
This is advisable for the person lighting the fireworks and any other people who are close to the area of the launch.

18. Animals and fireworks.
Be careful if there are animals in the vicinity. The noise and light produced by the fireworks usually scares the animals.

19. Fireworks on airplanes are a no-no.
Do not attempt to carry fireworks on an airplane. It is against the federal law.

20. Storing Fireworks.
Keep them in a cool, dry spot and dispose them properly by soaking them in water until they are saturated. Then pack them in double disposable bags and throw them in the trash.