Avoid Fire Department Induced Chaos

Avoid Fire Department Induced Chaos

Article in Fire Engineering:

There is an interesting article in this months Fire Engineering magazine.  The article, titled “Avoid Fire Department-Induced Chaos,” provides tips to help run an organized and efficient fire scene.  The article was written by Roger Lunt.  Roger worked for the Macomb Fire Department and was the Deputy Director of the Illinois Fire Service Institute, among other things.

Roger was the Training Officer at Macomb Fire when I started in the fire service.  He worked hard to train area firefighters in the skills we all need.  When I became Fire Chief, I learned a lot from Roger on how to run a fire scene, keeping everyone safe and effectively fighting the fire.  This article really hits on what any firefighter needs to keep in mind while working a fire.

I thought this was important and wanted to share with other firefighters.

David Estes, Chief
Emmet – Chalmers Fire Protection District