Engine 10


Kenworth T300 Chassis built by Pierce

About This Project

Engine 10 is our front line engine.  This engine provides water to the firefighters operating hose lines or to other pumpers.

The 1000 gallon water tank supplies the initial water to attack the fire.  Additional water can be supplied from hydrants or from tenders.  The 1250gpm pump is located behind the cab and pumps water to various hoselines.  Additionally, this engine is equipped with a foam system allowing more effective fire extinguishment.  When its dark, an on board generator and lighting system can light up the scene.

Engine 10 carries 5 firefighters and has 4 walkaway SCBA seats.  This engine carries all the equipment, gear, nozzles, and over 2000 feet of hoses, allowing us to set up for just about any situation.