Tender 7


International Chassis built by Alexis

About This Project

Tender 7 is a tanker used to shuttle water to the fire scene.  It carries 3200 gallons of water to rural areas where fire hydrants are not readily available.  There are 2 fill valves and 3 large dump chutes.  The dump chutes allow the entire tank to be dumped in about one minute.  A portable tank is stored on the rear passenger side compartment.

In rural areas where there are no fire hydrants nearby, we must shuttle water with a tender.  We first set up the portable water tank, then dump water from the tender into the portable water tank.  The tender then travels to the nearest fire hydrant to refill, while the engine on scene pumps the water to the fire.  The tender returns to the fire scene and replenishes the portable water tank.  This process repeats for as long as necessary.

Tender 7 also has a 500 GPM pump to help shuttle the water if needed.